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Our story

We are foodprint

Foodprint is a boutique cooperative of great founder-owned agencies and freelancers with the passion and dedication to deliver an unforgettable experience. It’s through the power of partnership, of collaboration, that we can work to unlock your potential.

About us

Many Agencies have great people but not always the best teams for all issues. Some freelancers are the best in their field but miss the chemistry of a great team.
Foodprint is a boutique cooperative of great Founder-owned Agencies and freelancers who embrace the cooperative mantra of the best creators, gathering around the best F&B briefs, with the passion and dedication every brief deserves, no matter how big or small.

You share the brief. We do the rest. It's that simple.

Founder, Advisor

Richard de Booij

Media has been the driver of my career. In different roles as entrepreneur and corporate manager. Finding new possibilities and discovering new territories in the ever evolving (online) marketplace for any product or service. Playing a role at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Having lost my eyesight in my right eye over the last few years has given me new ‘insights’ into what is of importance in one’s life and the positivity generated by motivating others.

Unfortunately, my eye disease didn’t stay confined to one side and I became legally blind in 2019. All of a sudden, my corporate career had a natural end date.

So I was cornered into creating new ways of adding value in my field. At a different pace but with the same passion and results. So, I have recalibrated my focus from day-to-day management to becoming founder / advisor of a young, Brooklyn based, agency. Adding value as a mentor, as (commercial) sparring partner. Less sight but more vision.

A legally blind man man starting a creative agency maybe sounds like a contradiction but its storytelling with your eyes shut. I have always had a very visual imagination. That doesn’t change with the fading light. Even more, when losing one of your senses, others tend to compensate. It has given me a sensitive antenna for ESG and DEI issues.

Strategy Partner

Eamonn Store

Eamonn Store is a C-level executive with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and proven business transformation credentials.
Eamonn has over 25 years of global marketing experience, both as a WPP Global Agency President, and as the CEO of the Guardian North America.
Eamonn spent two decades building marketing programs for clients including Colgate Palmolive, Unilever, Danone, and YUM! Brands. Over the last 7 years, Eamonn has committed his time and energy to build impact marketing strategies, leaning heavily into environmental social governance in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Eamonn is based in New York City and is currently engaged in a number of youth empowerment and food security programs.

Executive Producer

Alexei Shishkin

Every day I aim to do three things: create, improvise, and tell a compelling story.

With 10+ years of experience in the media industry, I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to help our clients tell their stories. I started my career as a video editor in Los Angeles, where I learned about the business and gained valuable experience working on a variety of digital media projects.

After a few years in LA, I decided to move to Portland, Oregon, where I started my own company. It was a 4-person collective with a focus on soup-to-nuts video production and photography, housed within a local animation company, where I learned a lot of lessons about working with a team.

In 2015, I made the move to Brooklyn and briefly worked with a sports-focused media start-up, before founding a boutique post-house. We were a small, scrappy team, known for working efficiently and maximizing our value.

Several years later, after we had developed a number of strong relationships with key clients, we decided to partner with Foodprint to help us take the next step and unlock more of our potential.

All in all, I have a passion for creating, improvising, and telling (and listening to) stories. In many ways, that’s how my career has gone — create, improvise, explore — and hopefully there’s much more room to grow.

Operations Manager

Amy Gasaway

Surprisingly, I began my career in residential real estate, but the real estate and production worlds aren’t as different as you may think!

I gained invaluable experience in sales, marketing, managing teams and client relations, and after a successful 13 years, I had the opportunity to pivot career paths and bring my unique blend of skills and expertise to a new role in the media production space.

In 2019 I joined a boutique production company, and over the next few years I helped my partners grow our team, maximize productivity, and increase our sales year over year.

My formula for success is twofold: connect with people and build lasting, impactful relationships… and that’s why I love what I do. I’m excited to partner with Foodprint to continue providing our clients with high quality work and a positive experience.

Head of Post-Production

Chris Eastman

With over a decade of experience in the industry, I’ve been lucky enough to work in a lot of different stages of the production process before settling into post-production. Throughout high school and college, I had always dreamed of becoming a writer for the stage and screen – unfortunately, those jobs were virtually non-existent where I lived, so I got my foot in the door at a local news station as a video editor.

I eventually transitioned to become a photojournalist, where I would own both production and post-production. Tight deadlines and quick turnarounds taught me how to work efficiently and be a “one-man band,” and ignited a passion for telling my stories through video.

In 2019, I joined up with a boutique post-production company in Brooklyn where I immersed myself in the edit suite, and I quickly rose through the ranks to become the Head of Post Production. I know my way around all aspects of post-production, including editing, color correction, and audio mixing. Admittedly, I know some better than others, and that’s where my most-important skill comes in: knowing how to build a successful post-production strategy.

My goal is to lead the post team in bringing the client’s creative vision to life, and to deliver high-quality work on time and on budget.
Video production is the combination of so many arts – music, acting, composition, writing, color theory, and more – and there’s nothing I love more than combining all those facets into one beautiful project.

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